M&A Seller Advice

The representation of a company and its shareholders for the purpose of selling a business is one of Context Capital’s key areas of expertise. The Firm brings to its clients the depth and diversity of experience gained in successfully closing hundreds of transactions across a wide range of industries.

Context Capital typically advises clients who have not yet had discussions with potential Buyer in an effort to develop and later execute an optimum selling strategy. However, Context Capital may also be retained after a company has been approached by a potential Buyer. For each selling client, Context Capital seeks to create the most appropriate transaction structure and optimize the potential offer or find competing bids. The primary goal: to maximize a client's after-tax return.

Seller Representation Services may include:

  • Advice on sale versus other alternatives (such as selling a partial interest)
  • Preparation of a thorough, confidential memorandum which best presents the prospects and opportunities offered by the business to potential acquirers
  • Identification and communication, while maintaining (strict) client confidentiality, with obvious and emerging acquirers
  • Negotiation and structuring of a transaction to maximize the seller's price and terms
  • Working closely with the client's lawyers and accountants to anticipate and manage potential problems along the path to closing

Please contact us to inquire about our Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services.

Selected Transactions:

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M&A: Seller Advisory
Horizon Health
M&A: Seller Advisory
M&A: Seller Advisory
Preferred Laboratories
M&A: Seller Advisory

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